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Automation Designer Change Connection

All my DB interaction actions connected to lets say "NJSP1" DB Instance. Since IT upgraded Oracle and DB environment, I got moved to "NJSPAUD" DB instance.

I have to go into each import/export and other actions and change the DB instance. Since NJSP1 no longer exists, I select the action and properties and a Schema/Password/DB dialog prompts me to enter new credentials.

#1 - is there a way to do this without touching every actions that requires DB interaction?

#2 - I tried manually changing the DB and I get "ORA-02391: exceeded simultaneous SESSIONS_PER_USER limit" after 4 or 5 action updates. How do I get around this as well?

Thanks in advance.


#1: In 14.1 and prior no. In the 14.2 beta, yes. You can multi-select actions or apps, then right-click to change connection on them.
#2: Hard to say because I'm not exactly sure of your steps, but if you are making a new connection each time, then maybe instead, you could make the new connection from the login window, leave it connected, then go through your actions and just select it.

Thanks John. I like the multi-select action. I assume change connection is not a single select prior to 14.2.
for #2, I go into each action by select/properties and provide schema/password and DB instance. A side effect is that it creates a new session every time. So, I have to periodically have to end connection on the ones created by this action. Wonder if that suppose to happen. I don't have multi-thread checked.

In 14.2, you can just right-click the app(s) or action(s), choose "Change connection" and pick another connection from the login window. No need to open each action or even make a connection if it's already in the login window. This is a completely new feature. It did not exist in 14.1, even for single select.

For #2, can you just do this to choose an existing connection? (I know, not every type of action has this toolbar item).

Maybe this is a good time to get the beta. :slight_smile: Toad for Oracle 14.2 Beta