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Change session feature


the “Change Session” feature no longer works after I upgraded toad. I get error ORA-12514.

I’m able to use the Session > new Connection just fine.



Are you using the “Direct” tab on the login screen with SID (instead of SERVICE_NAME)? An issue was raised with this recently and it is fixed for the next beta.

If not, try turning on “Spool SQL” (main menu -> Database -> Spool SQL -> Spool to screen). Try making your connection the way that works and the way that doesn’t work. That may reveal a difference.

If you have multiple Oralce homes installed, that could be a factor too, if the connection is available to one home but not the other. Toad can only use one Oracle home at a time.


thank you john! it was using “Direct” connection. once I changed this to TNS it works. i’ll use TNS for now and look forward to the next release to fix this. much appreciated! Dave