Beta Released (

Beta Notes
Automation Designer

  • Query bind parameter values in Export Dataset action are now written to and read from parameter files.
  • Added bind variable support to the Actionable Query action. A possible use would to use it with a List Iterator and in IF…THEN, to only run another action for certain values in the list iterator (for example, run a script against a list of schemas, but only run the script against schemas that actually exist in the DB)
  • bug fix: List Iterator variables weren’t working with substitution variables in export dataset.
  • New action: Query Iterator. Enter a query and use query result as a variables to drive other actions.
  • “Delete Directory” action now includes options to include files and/or subfolders
  • Import/Export from Automation Designer GUI now supports multiselect
    Better Conditional Compilation error messages
    Conditional Compilation ($IF $THEN $ELSIF $END syntax): Syntax messages improved in case of a missing $THEN.

CTRL+C on Grid
CTRL+C on the grid will now send you to the “Export Dataset” dialog, with it pre-configured for a Delimited Text format, selected rows and columns only, going to the clipboard. Export Dataset is more configurable and much faster with large amounts of data.

Connection Types
Added sup[port for SysASM, SysKM, SysDG, and SysBackup from the login window. Whatever scripts you run in Toad will connect the same way. This does not guarantee, of course, that every Toad feature will work with every connection mode. For instance, you can only connect as SysASM to an ASM instance, and when you do, you can only select from V$ views.

Container Data Restrictions
For common users in Container/Pluggable databases, Container Data restrictions can be used to limit users to data of specific pluggable databases.

Supported in SB-User RHS, create/alter user, and user scripts.

Container Database Resource Plans
New Schema Browser object: Container Database Resource plans.

These are only available when connected to a container database

Toad DBA Module is required.

Also supported in Create/Alter windows, database compare, object search, extract DDL, HTML Database docs, Project Manager, and everywhere else they should appear.

Execute Script
The Execute Script action now offers the possibility to specify command line parameters. These parameters can be referenced by their position in the script. For example, if two parameters are specified, the script may look like:

select to_date(’&1’, ‘mm-dd-yyyy’) date_val from dual;

select &2 number_val from dual;

Fetching of Trace Files
Trace files can now be fetched from instances of a RAC database besides the instance you are connected to.

Formatting of Oracle CREATE PUBLIC DATABASE LINK was broken.

Nested tables
Bug fixes regarding nested tables:

  • Nested tables which are also partitioned and/or IOT will now have the “nested” icon in the schema browser instead of the partitioned or IOT icon, so the RHS can recognize and handle the table as nested (which basically means that you can do nothing to it - work off the parent table instead) rather than partitioned or IOT.
  • Script tab for parent table is fixed when nested is IOT.
  • Script tab for nested table now has a comment to refer you to the parent table.
    Added support for CONTAINER clause in user scripts, grant scripts, and related places in GUI. This clause is only valid when connected to a container database.

Resource Plan Scheduler
No longer requires SYSDBA connection. ADMINISTER RESOURCE MANAGER system privilege is all that’s needed now.