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Automation Designer - Generate Schema Script

I am running Toad for Oracle Xpert (64 bit) version

I find this functionality very use ful to generate all the objects ddl and have a build all script. This allows me to migrate my DDL to another server and also forms the basis of release management process for database objects.

However, is there a way to control the order on build all script.

e.g. I would like the tables be created and then run the required grants before I create views or else they may fail the relevant grants may not be there.

As of now I adjust the order via trial and error method to create a correct order of execution in the build all script, which is time consuming and error prone and then this has to start again once I have to update the scripts for next release.

I believe I have similar issues when I populating the data mostly for the reference tables that hold fixed/lookup data and some times they need to be executed in a particular order depending on the FK relationtionship.

To answer your question - no, there is no way for you to tell it which objects to create first, second, et, but there is an option “Sort for creation” on the “script options” tab. If you check that, the objects should be sorted in an order that will not cause errors due to dependencies between objects.

If you already have that option checked and still find some error due to object creation order, that is a bug, so please let me know the details about those objects and I fix it if possible.