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Automation Designer - Import Table Data

When I use Import Table Data Action and use ‘Save SQL statements to
file’, it works just fine.

In the before import section, I selected the ‘Truncate table’, and
it does not show up in the script.

Is there a trick to do it? Is there a workaround to insert truncate statement
into the file somehow (except for typing it manually ever time)

Leo Drobnis
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Hi Leo,

Looks like the table is truncated and constraints and triggers enabled/disabled
when the sql statements are sent to file. This is a bug and I’ll fix it.
I’m sorry, there isn’t any workaround. If you are interested in
getting the beta, I will likely have this fixed next week.



Thanks for the reply. I am not in a rush, just getting into the Automated

If you’d like me to test it, I would gladly do it, if not, I can wait for
the next release.

OK, this will be fixed in the next beta.