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Automation Disable Activity Still Running


Even though the last import activity within my automation is disabled it is still running. I am importing into a local storage table and using 3.6 pro.


I am having trouble reproducing this on my end. Can you send us the file that is doing this? My email is

A couple more questions:

  1. What connection, if any, are you importing from?

  2. Does this happen with all new script files?

Ryan, I emailed you the file with the answers to your questions.

I used your file as well as made several of my own. I cannot reproduce the issue. I also cannot confirm without seeing the log file that the last activity is in fact executing. Can you send/post the log file.

Also, does this happen every time. Or are there a sequence of steps that trigger this behavior?

Unfortunately, I don’t have log and I can’t reproduce this again. I modified the original file by deleting the activity then I added it again to reproduce the issue but it seems to be working correctly again. If I am able to reproduce this I will send a log and the file again.

Couple side notes:

  1. If you disable an activity the entire Activity Info tab is disabled… Should the enabled/disabled buttons be inactivity? Seems like they should remain active to switch between active/inactive?

  2. If you have multiple automations open and switch between them the log tab is always for the file you just ran. This could explain why I thought the file ran even though it was commented out. I created a second automation file with the same TIM and perhaps when switching between the automation files I didn’t realize which file the log was for. I hope that makes sense.

  1. We’re thinking about removing Enable/Disable buttons from activity Info tab at all. Pop-up menu in the Designer should be sufficient for enabling/disabling activities.

  2. Yes, this is by design.

I liked those buttons, but as long as you can enable/disable by right click of the mouse I am okay.

Speaking of log files, I found out the hard way that if you call one automation job from another job, the one being called needs to not truncate the log file or you lose everything the initial job put there. I like to keep my log files separate for each job but even giving the log files different names for different jobs does not work if one is called from the other one.

I agree with Gregg, I like the buttons but I can live with the right click

I still think the log is confusing especially if you have multiple automations open. Perhaps the easiest solution is adding the file name (see below)? The other solution is showing the log file for the last run only…For example if you have Test.tas & Test2.tas open and the last run was Test2 have the log tab be empty if the Test.tas tab is active.

I think either solution would help with the logs

Timestamp Message
11/18/2014 Starting Automation Script - TEST.TAS
11/18/2014 Setting up environment
11/18/2014 Script run by Toad Data Point
11/18/2014 Build started

Timestamp Message
11/18/2014 Automation Script - TEST.TAS Complete


If you want to keep your log files separate don’t run them in the same session and give them different log file names in the settings step.

Greg, I have the logs going to separate files. Do you mean run them in multiple instances of TDP?

Just to clarify I am only referring to the log tab > Below is a new automation with no activities but the log tab is populated with data from an automation I ran earlier in the morning.

Yes, the log tab will always do that. Sorry I was thinking about the log file which can be affected by another jobs entries. I don’t know if setting up two database connections or even two instances of Toad would help you there.

Okay, I created QAT-4342 to track the implementation of the suggested log behavior.


Thank you Igor and Greg