Import Table Data Action in Automation Designer Question

The Import Table Data Action in Automation Designer always pops up the information message about the import result which will pause the automation process of the next action unless I click OK on the information dialog.

Is there a way to disable this information message so my TOAD app can proceed without human intervention?

Thank you.

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Thanks Peter,

Unfortunately, there is no way to prevent the message in the current version,
but in the next version, the message will not appear unless the import is run
from the Import Table Data GUI.


Thanks, John. It does work from the command line in the current release.

It still does this John (5 years later).

Was this even corrected?

Well, I assume I corrected it since I said I did, but it was 5 years ago, so honestly I don’t remember. I’ll make a change so that the message auto-closes if you aren’t running it with the GUI.

But I am running it from the GUI John…

Let me clarify about what I mean by GUI:

In the next beta, If you double-click on the Import Table Data action to make the Import Data Window open, and then you Next,Next,Next through the steps and and run it, the progress dialog will appear as the import runs and after the import is finished, the progress dialog will stay up until you close it. But if you right-click the action and choose “Run”, so the import happens without showing the Data Import Window, then the progress dialog will appear while the import is in progress, but will close itself when the import is finished.

Hi John:

This is the 4th step in my automated process, there is no way to right-click and run the individual step in isolation.

If I do, I lose the advantage of running it as part of a multi-step hands-off automated procedure.

Sorry for the delay. I’ve been on vacation.

To have it not leave the prompt up in your version, you can run the action from command line:

Toad.exe -a “name of your action”

That should work even if it is the 4th step of a set of actions.

In the current beta, you can right-click and run it, and it will not leave the prompt up.