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Toad Data Point Automation Disappears after saving


I am using Toad Data Point 3.4, and recently upgraded to 3.5, but the behavior I describe below occurs in both versions…

I can create an automation script, run it, then save it. If I close it, and then click File–> Open, and open the Automation script that I just saved, it doesn’t pull anything up. Its as-if it disappeared. When I say it doesn’t pull anything up, I mean that the different items I had included in the Automation Script (Select to File, If… Conditions, Send Email, etc.), are simply no longer showing.

The weird thing is, if I browse through Windows Explorer and find the actual automation script file (the .tas file), right-click and select Edit, it will open in Notepad. And while viewing in Notepad, I DO see all of the details of my automation script there (the fields from my Select to File, the If… Conditions, etc.) So my point is, the data is in file, but it just won’t show up when I open the file in Toad. When I open the script in Toad, it basically looks like a blank Automation that you are starting from scratch.

Has anyone else experienced this, and hopefully know how to solve it? If not, all of the automations I create are essentially pointless because they are basically one-time-use only for me. Once I close them, they’re gone forever.

Thanks in advance.


I have seen this happen when the Settings activity is not the first one. Can you post your tas file? I can take a look and edit it to get the activities back


Hi Debbie,

Thanks for your reply. That was it! The settings activity needs to be the first one. That solved it! Thanks again!


I am having similar issue and my settings activity is always on top.


Could you post your *.tas file to investigate?


This happens when you “accidently” move any activity above the Settings activity. When you do this nothing will show when you open the file. It can be fixed manually by editing the xml in the *.tas file and moving the settings activity back to where it would be. If you need assistance, attach one script and i can edit one as an example fix.