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[Automation] Editing .tas Files


Is it safe to edit .tas files outside of TDA?

I need to update 90+ automation scripts with some new file structure and email server settings, and doing them through TDA is taking forever.

It would be much easier, not to mention faster, for me to just load each group into an editor like Sublime Text and mass-edit them all at once.

My only concern is that if I do that, TDA will not recognize the file correctly and not execute the script.


I edit them all the time in notepad. Should be no problem. Try one first and confirm. And of course make backups of all files.




I’ve actually been able to fix both .tas and .txp files using a text editor - much faster than using TDA.

Is there any kind of guide available to the XML tags? Honestly, if I could build the automation files outside of TDA it would save me a significant amount of time.