Editing TDA Automation files - What is the language being used?

I’ve been using a Text editor (Notepad ++) to edit multiple TDA automation files, as it was easier than using the UI in TDA. I had a ton of reports that were based on a common template but each varied a little bit, and it was much easier to open up the file that way make the change to a quick Save as and have a new Automation Script file up and running.

But I was wondering what language are TDA Automation scripts built on. I could roughly follow along with the syntax but wanted to bone up more on what was being done in the background.

Does anyone know?

Automation uses Microsoft’s Windows Workflow technology. Each activity in the toolbox has different public properties. Those public properties are being serialized into xml.

The xml is not any kind of scripting language. So while it is easy for you to edit the scripts as you are doing, I doubt that building scripts by hand will ever be worthwhile. (Just in case that was what you were hoping on)