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Opening associated files opens new TDA instance. Disable? Addt'l thoughts


After upgrading to 2.6 when i dbl click a TDA associated file, namely *.sql, it’s opened in a new instance. How can I disable this? I could not find a setting in options.

While I’m here;

I see that the FIND still does not look in the editor results, only in the SQL editor window itself.

I see you still cannot drag a column header from the editor results back into the SQL editor to save typing. Although, attempting to do so you now see a big black “X”.

In the automation front end, when I attempt to edit a Import or Export template and cancel prior to saving, the value in the “Import Template” area is made null and now that template wont function forcing me to close the *.tas and restart. This was happening in prior version. Image attached.




RE: *sql extension.

This file extension to TDA was set when you ran the installer. To remove the file extension association to TDA, right click on a *.sql file and choose Open With. Then select what you want to open these files with and select the “Always use the selected program to open this kind of file”

RE: FIND in results.

To find values in the result grid use the column filters. Each column displays the distinct values or you can build a custom filter to find what you are looking for.

RE: Drag column Header

Code completion is provided for this. You do need to start out with the table in your SQL. If you have this and want to add a column just type and a list of columns will appear to choose from. Or if you use table aliases, typing the alias and a period will also display the list to choose from.

RE: Import/Export templates in Automation:

You should not have to close the Automation designer when you cancel a template. Just go back to the template drop down and choose an existing template or restart the wizard again. It is true I don’t retain a prior template but you should not have to close the *.tas file.



Thanks for reply.

re: file association:

I do want Toad to associate with *.sql files and can find that set up in options. I just don’t want a 2nd, 3rd, etc instance of TDA to open. I want TDA to open the *.sql in a new editor window which is what it did in the prior version. FWIW, a new instance opens when I open a *.tas also from Windows explorer.

RE: FIND in results.

Understood and thanks. I use the column filtering. It’s one of the big reasons we chose TDA. However, I find value in being able to quickly find a specific value without having to scroll and then filter.

RE: Drag column Header

Understood and thanks. I use code completion. I would often be more efficient running a quick “select *” and then refining with drag and drop of headers based upon the results from the select *. Just my 2 cents. Cant imagine keystrokes not being slower.


RE: file association

Go to the options in TDA and uncheck the “Allow multiple copies of Toad”. I believe this will change so opening sql will open into a new editor of the same instance of TDA.

RE: FIND in results.

I get your point. Let me look and see if there is an ER in the works that covers this.

RE: Column Header

I will mention your comment to the Editor developer.

I know this is not the same but if you have an Object Explorer docked you can drag the column name from the very bottom pane into the editor and it will copy the column name. This is also true of the table name. Not sure if that helps, but might.



I found CR67757 as the same request you have regarding Find in grid. I’ll see if I can get this in the next release.