Automation Error- Unhandled Exception???


I recently began experiencing errors with my automation scripts, they will not run as scheduled. It looks like they attempt to run and time out after a second. I can manually run them without issue. The error I am getting says:

“Toad Process was terminated due to unhandled expection. Please check event log.” The exit code is -532462766.

Where is this event log located? Our failing reports has put us in an unfavorable situation since we are about to leave for the holiday break.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Could you please try to find any information about the unhandled exception in Windows event log? Go to Start -> type Event Viewer -> Windows Logs -> Application.

You can also try to look for ExceptionTrace.log file in C:\ProgramData\Quest Software\AutomationScript<user><script>.

Thank you.


Thank you so much for our reply. I found the log but it doesn’t list anything for the instances with the unhandled exception. Any other suggestions? Does anyone know if that error message is unique to Data Point, or is this an issue with IT?

Can you open a support ticket? Support will ask for specific files and then tell them to open a subcase and I will pick it up. Please include an app and system event log that includes the time period of the failure. Also, are you using Toad Intelligence central to schedule the script? if so, support should turn on logging for the TIC scheduler and include that log file.

Hi Debbie, I have opened a support ticket and emailed you some of the logs.