Automation Log Location Error

I recently was asked to change all of my Toad Intelligence Central Automation scripts to run under a new service account. This is a normal windows account that was granted all of the privileges it needed to run the scripts and connect to databases.

This worked fine when I published the scripts to "Run As" this new service account. Except.....when there was an error. When there was an error I would get two exception emails. One sent to the email box descripted in the automation script and the other sent to Admins from Toad Intelligence Central. The first error email generated from the script did not have a log file attachment. The Toad Intelligent Central error email did have an error log attachment.

As I look further into this I can see that the Automation Log is being created under my personal account and NOT the new service account. This does not seem correct (especially when it says it can't find the automation log). I believe it is getting uploaded into the Toad Intelligence database and that is where the Toad Intelligence Error email gets the log file. Since I am getting one log file and it is accessible it is not the end of the world. But I thought I would let you know as there are parts of the script that are not using the Run As option and some how still knows the windows account of who published it.

Thank you! I have reported to dev.

Here is a tracking # for you QAT-16847

Any update on this? Will this be fixed in the next release? Is it is a fix in Toad or Toad Intelligence Central?

We are starting to roll out automation scripts run on Toad Intelligence central and when the log file is not attached to the end user email they come to me to find out why the script failed..... :frowning_face: