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Automation Path Error

I apologize if this has been answered previously. This is my first post and I could not find a “search” option in this forum.

Our computers are locked down, and we do not have write access to many folders. As a result, I’m getting the following error when I try to create an automation script:

       Access to the path '.........\Sample Automation Files' is denied.

I know this is a valid error message, as I am unable to write to this folder.

Is there any way to change the path to point to a folder to which I have write access?
I looked at all the configuration options and could not find it.

Thanks in advance.

I suggest you’re on TDA 3.0. Moving to TDA 3.1 will solve this problem. Otherwise unfortunately the only solution will be creating Sample Automation Files folder by somebody with sufficient rights. And btw, this folder creation is needed to be done only once after TDA install.

Sorry for the inconvenience,