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Automation Script Failing when Scheduled

I have an Automation script that is extracting data from an Oracle View to delimited file, then copies it to an FTP location. If I run the scheduled task manually from the Task scheduler while logged in everything runs as expected. If I let the scheduler run the script once I log out I get "Object reference not set to an instance of an object." from the Export step. Oddly the Export runs and the file generated is correct. I am attaching the Log below. The task is scheduled to execute with the stored user password, so I do not think it is a Windows Permission issue.

Aktana.log (8.9 KB)

Initially I had a single TXP (Extract) pulling 2 extracts of different types (delimited text and XLSX) in the automation and thought that may be the problem so I added a second Extract step and second TXP so each is only doing a single extract, but the issue remains.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Very strange indeed...have not seen this one before Strongly encourage you to take this one to Support... that team has the means to reproduce the issue, if possible, and debug and document for others...

Thanks, I will raise a support request.