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Object reference not set to an instance of an object - within Automation tasks


I use Toad Data Point and I have problem with scheduled automation tasks.

I can ran the task from Toad, but when I try scheduler it then I got an error:

Import_1 - Object reference not set to an instance of an object. (“KELATO.CSV” into “KELATO”)

Kelato table is in MS Access database. I can read the table in scheluded tasks, but I cant run Automatin Import Wizard without an error?

Any ideas?

Usually the Import activity uses a template. Where is that template located? perhaps when you schedule it, it is not available. I would try going to the settings activity and set it to Embed all dependent files. This will no longer link the file but insert it inline to the automation script. See if that solves things.


This attachment probably clarify the problem
KELATO.docx (35.9 KB)

I reviewed you word doc. I suggest we try doing this a different way and this may bypass the issue. You can do an export and import all in one Import activity. Try these steps to build a new import template outside of the automation designer.

  1. Connect to destination server and make it the current connection.

  2. Open up import wizard and choose the Add Query type.

  3. Select the data you want to export data from. Enter the query that will fetch the export data.

  4. step through the rest of the wizard and execute and save the template.

  5. now go back and replace both your separate export and import activities with one import activity using the new template.

Let me know how that works.


I figured yesterday that the problem is in that Access Database and in the automatic form. I don’t have solutions yet, but the problem is located.

Thank you for these answers

Maybe at run time that file is not accessible.

We have seen something similar before in our use of the product - specifically with export. If running the automation job locally the error is more descriptive, e.g., “file not accessible”, but if running it via Intelligence Central, the error is more cryptic, e.g., “object reference not set…”. I have an open ticket for this currently. I am not sure if this helps or not, but I wanted to point that out we have noticed differences in the errors depending on how the job is ran. We are using the latest production release of Toad Data Point and Toad Intelligence Central.

What is the open ticket number? I will check on the status.