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Automation Select To File Export CSV Encoding Options - UTF-8

Is UTF-8 encoding available in Select To File CSV exports? If so, how is this accomplished?

Goal: Using "Select to file" activity in automation, export CSV encoding as UTF-8. It currently exports encoding Western (Windows 1252) with no apparent option to change.

Although supporting encoding options incl. UTF-8, the "Export Wizard" activity doesn't seem to be an option as the wizard requires me to select a single database per script. The script queries multiple databases within a federated database. If there's a solution to this, I am open to review.

System: Windows Server 2012
Software: Toad Data Point (64 bit) Registered/Licensed

I located this thread which states TDP 3 Select To File defaults to UTF-8 but this is not the case in TDP 5. The thread ends with a workaround using File Wizard but in my case, this is not applicable.

SOLUTION: Make sure that if you are selecting "Use Automation Connection" in the export wizard that you have the right database in the automation settings. Otherwise, deselect that option and choose the one you need.

I had automation settings for one database while having Export Wizard activity set to "Use Automation Connection" but still selecting Federated. It appears automation settings connection overrides the selected.

Was just going to reply, but glad you found this nuance.

I did just now test the Export Wizard task in a quick Automation job build, and it does accept a cross-connect query that goes against your federated data sources. Saved my export template (without re-setting or re-defining the connections, that might be key, as the Wizard will only list one of your connectors) and ran it via automation with encoding of UTF-8, and everything worked fine.

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