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Character Quotes in .csv format of Select to File Function

I was wondering, and this might be an enhancement request if the option “allow quotes” could be added to the advanced properties of the select to file function in automation. The reason I ask, is because most all of our existing .csv files utilize the quotes around text fields. I understand that the export wizard function allows you to select the quotes (quote character and to check always quote strings/char), but this forces you to utilize a template and the export wizard every time just for this small feature. If it was added as part of the select to file, it would reduce the amount of export wizard functions we have to use for every export to .csv.

Just a thought and I appreciate any response on this.


Chad King

I really hate to start putting the export wizard options into the select to file activity. The select to file is supposed to be similar to the one click export. No questions are options are needed to be inputted. I do see that we added options for excel. I supposed this might be considered but “Grrrr…” (I’d rather not go down this path:))


I completely understand, but 90% of our processes, probably over 100 processes go to .csv format, it’s almost standard here and the existing reporting software we used, utilized quotes for text fields. Therefore, we’ll have to do export wizards for every single process. That would be the only modification I would think that we would ever need to the select to file activity and I would hope others would see a major added benefit to that as well. Our billing system has fields that commas are actually part of the field, so the quotes ensure that the delimiting is absolutely correct.

If it can’t be done, we understand, but thought it would save a lot of time creating automation processes without the need for so many templates and all the options that have to be selected for the export wizard.

Thanks again.


I entered request QAT-2837 for this and will see if we can get into this release.

I tested the Beta 3.6 release for this functionality and it looks PERFECT! Thanks so much for this enhancement. It will make conversion from our existing platform much quicker and simpler.


Yay. Thanks to Igor for the enhancement:)