automation schedules and upgrading to Toad Data Point

Hello, I’m currently using Toad for Data Analysts and I have many automation jobs scheduled. I’m going to be upgrading to Toad Data Point soon. Is there a way to import my old schedules so I don’t have to set them up again?

If you don’t uninstall TDA it will continue to run the old exe on the schedule. Once you modify the .tas job with TDP you will have to reschedule it. You might be able to modify the scheduled job and point it to the new TDP exe and .tas job but you might have to do that in Windows Scheduler.

In the newer versions of Toad Data Point, the first time you start up the newer version it looks for automation scripts that are scheduled with an older version of TDP/TDA. If displays a window and asks if you would like us to convert your existing scripts to use the newer version, Quite handy. If you miss that prompt you can go to the TDP schedular and there is a tool button to display this window.

Also, new to TDP 3.7 we added the ability to change the passwords to all of this scripts at one time. Another very handy feature[:)]

Okay, that is cool!

Excellent, thank you!

I finally got the TDP upgrade today, and the automation scripts converted. However, I am getting an error message when they try to run, that I don’t understand.

Activity ‘If_Condition_1’ validation failed: Toad has detected some symbols within the expression indicating you might be using bind variables.

Please make sure the following variables are enclosed in hash characters (#variable#).

Additionally enclose them in single quotes if variables represent character value (’#variable#’):


In all my automation jobs, I use the RowCount_1 variable to test for number of records returned. If no records, then I send an email to myself. If there are records, I send out the results via email.

I tried putting the RowCount_1 between hash characters like the error message implies, but I can’t get it to run. Any ideas?

Okay, I did get it to run with the hash marks. Now my question is, any quick way of adding the hash marks to all my automation jobs at once? I have about 35 and am hoping I don’t have to go into each one!

Unfortunately, there is no way to automatically do this. You may try to make this change in Notepad b/c tas files are actually text files. Just make a backup copy before and try not to make any extra changes in the scripts.

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Hello everyone,

I just recently upgrade to TDP 3.7 (from 3.4). After the first start the conversion process started and i was able to pick the tasks which should be converted. However it did not work, the tasks were not converted and the tasks still pointed to the older Toad folder on the HDD.

I organized my scheduled tasks in sub folders within the Task Scheduler Library (appr. 30 Toad statistical evaluations in one sub folder). I scheduled the tasks by Toad an moved them afterwards into my sub folders. This might be normal behavior due to the moving of the scheduled tasks but it would be a nice enhancement if Toad was able to also convert these scheduled tasks.

Best wishes


What type of conversion are we talking about? When you launch new version of TDP for the first time it looks for the jobs scheduled by previous version and suggests to change them to run by the current, newer version. If you agree then only jobs are upgraded to run by this newer version. Neither scripts nor their locations are changed.

Another conversion is a script conversion. To do this you have to open every script that you’re wanting to upgrade in the Automation designer. During opening the script a message is displayed warning you the script will be changed and will not open in older version of TDP anymore (old script will be saved in the Automation\bak folder).

Please provide more details in case I answered not what you asked.

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Dear Igor,

what I meant was the conversion of the scheduled tasks after the first start of a new TDP version, not the scripts itself. In the action tab of a scheduled task, under details, the path to the TDP executable is shown, e.g. something like c:\apps\Toad Data Point 3.x\toad.exe. I assume the path should point to the newer version of TDP. (old 3.4 new 3.7 = x) I my case this was not the case, for none of my scheduled tasks.

What I meant by “scheduled tasks are organized in sub folders” shows the screenshot below. It has nothing to do with actual place on the hard disk where the files are stored.


Thanks a lot for your help.


Hi Jochen,

Just to clarify - I suggest your jobs have already been organized in folders before you started newer version of TDP for the first time, haven’t they?



Hi Igor,

yes you are right, all the jobs were organized prior to the update of TDP.

BUT, I just found out that all scheduled tasks indeed got converted. They show up in the root “directory” of the Task Scheduler (TS). I did not expect this and hardly ever look into the root of the TS. Maybe it is a good idea to include a little note into the documentation about this. This will certainly help others to have a smoother experience in updating TDP.

From the root in TS the jobs can be exported and from within a sub folder reimported again. This usually is not too much work.

Best wishes and thanks for your support,


Hi Jochen,

This use case (jobs being organized in folders before migration was about to take place) might be the reason jobs were not updated for you. I created QAT-6232 to track this particular problem. We’ll investigate.

Thank you for reporting the issue,