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Automation to Local Storage doesn't run the script

Hi all
I am trying to automate a script (first of many i hope) which sends the output to a table in Local storage. The log shows that it connects to the source DB and the next line says Start Saving to LS. It does not run the script to get the data, hence is saves 0 rows to LS. There are no errors and I get the message Scrip Execution completed. Done.

The same script works when exporting to file in automation. I have tried with a select dummy from dual script and the same thing happens.

What am i missing?


If there is an error in the query, it is picked up and reported during the execution. If there are no errors then no data is exported to the local storage table. However, the LS table is truncated. BTW I am using a query submitted in Activity Input tab. Next thing to try is a query from a file. That may work.