TDP Automation Export to Non Local Storage

Is it possible to save the results from an automation task into a table in another DB instead of local storage? The export wizard doesn't appear to support this, It only gives the option of local storage.
The Import/Export function available from the main ribbon seems to support it but that function is not available within automation.
I would like to copy a large number of tables from local storage to an Oracle DB because MySQL is struggling with multiple outer joins.

Import/Export capabilities actually are supported in the Automation Designer. So, yes, you are able to save data from Local Storage Tables directly to another platform (like Oracle), subject to certain caveats, of course. Most notable of which are making sure that column datatypes from the source table/s can be mapped nicely to target column datatypes.

You would need to save a "Toad Import" file (.TIM) at the end of execution of the Import/Export Wizard. Note that this Wizard allows for a list of source/target table pairs. Once that file has been tested/created, you can use the "Import Wizard" task in your automation flow to point to this TIM file to accomplish your cross platform data migration for the designated pair/s of tables.

Depending on what version you are on it is better to build the import outside of automation, save it, and then use it in automation. That has always worked best for me.