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Automation Saving to Local Storage Freezes

I have a simple query the returns 7k records and is queried against the local storage. I’ve created an automation that would run this query and store it to a new table in local storage (I’ve also tried as snapshot). The query executes fine on its own and in automation. I have tested this by creating a CSV export before the “Execute Script” step that stores the output to a new table on local storage. Everything runs fine until the log shows “Start saving to Local Storage” when this begins it never completes. I let this run for over an hour (the csv export is done in 6 minutes). When I try to cancel at this point Toad Data Point freezes and I am forced to kill the process.

Any help or insight would be greatly appreciated.

Can you please check if sending to Local Storage outside of automation still works? Also, try testing when Local Storage is connected in the Connection Manager.

I am able to store information outside of automation. Specifically a query against an Oracle database I am able to both store it in a snapshot and as a new table. Trying to automate that through a snapshot refresh or a new table works as well provided it is a query against Oracle. The issue only arrises when I am trying to query against the Local Storage itself. I have been trying to run the automation of queries against the Local Storage while it is the active connection.

I think I would need to get logs then. Please add /log=all to your TDP shortcut and run:

Go to Help->About->Application Data Directory and leave the window there. Then reproduce the issue. Go back to the window opened by Application Data Directory and gather the Toad.log, ExceptionTrace.log, and Action.log files, zip them up, and send to me.

I recognize the error, but it is one that I haven’t quite hammered out yet. Can you try this: In the query you are talking about, can you ensure that all names are fully qualified (database_name.object_name), then try running again?

As for the issue, I will be making a task on this. I will post the number here when I do.

Using fully qualified names seems to solve the issue.

Ryan thank you so much for your help, this will save me a lot of time.