Enhancement Request: Export to current excel instance

I have used the full version of Toad for years, and one thing that I really liked was when I exported data to an excel instance, it would use the currently open excel spreadsheet and just add a worksheet to it and export the data to that newly added worksheet. Using the similar feature in Toad for Data Analysts, it opens an new instance of Excel.

I know I can workaround this by creating a new spreadsheet myself and exporting to the currently selected cell, but this adds a step everytime I want to export more than one query to a spreadsheet, this is something I do quite frequently.

There are a lot of things I love about the Data Analysts version of Toad, but this is one thing I miss.


Did you use the Quick Export | Excel instance | Excel instance at Active Cell?

This will export what you want, to the instance that you want, starting at the cell that you want. I think this is what you need. Check it out and let me know.


Yeah, as I indicated in my original post, that works, it just adds the extra step of creating an additional worksheet, and then placing the cursor in the first cell. Sometimes I will export 10+ result sets into the same spreadsheet, this means I have to run the query, create a new sheet in Excel, place the cursor in the first cell in that new sheet, and then hit export for each of the result sets. In Toad for Oracle, you just hit export and it creates the new worksheet and exports the data without the two additional steps. This would just be a more convenient way to do it.



Thank you for the details. I was not duplicating the 10+ result set use case.

This makes sense and I have entered ER 68,736.

Expect to see this in version 3.0 (we are no longer coding enhancements to our next release of 2.6)

Once again, thanks for taking the time to help me understand.


Glad to help. Thanks for the prompt replies and resolution.