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Automation zip file password protect doesn't work


I’ve created a basic automation:

  1. Run ‘Select to File’
  2. Zip the output file (xlsx), password protecting it.
  3. Email the password protected zip file.

When I open the email, and then the attachment (zip file), the file is not password protected, despite Windows seeing the zip file as being password protected.

Any ideas?


Seems ok to me with TDP 4.3 and TDP 5.0 beta, what version are you using? Could you explain more “despite Windows seeing the zip file as being password protected”? do you mean unzip file, windows popup “Password needed” page but you could bypass and open file directly?


Hi - thanks for replying.

So when i open either the attachment (.zip file) or find the zip file on my shared drive, where it saves, if i double click the zip file, it opens and displays whats inside: an xlslx. Among the other columns visible are the Type (Microsoft Excel Worksheet) , Compressed Size, Ratio, and one called Password Protected (which displays ‘Yes’). Yet when I double click on the xlsx, it just opens up without asking for a password.

Occasionally it will asks for a password (it just did then when i was testing it once more), almost as if it caches the password for future use, and only asks on the first instance of the zip file being asked?


I did testing w/o TDP to zip file and open by double click, as long as encryption password is the same, only the first instance of zip file need password unless you change password or zip file name.



Hi - Thats very helpful - thank you. I’ll continue investigating.