Automation - Zip Files


I’m using TDA 2.5.

My automation goes as follows:

BOP -> Script Settings-> Database connection-> Data File (Excel output)-> Archive (“Zip Excel File”) -> E-mail to users with the zip file attached-> EOP

Everything runs successful however when I re-run the process for a 2nd time the zip file will contain the previous and the recent Excel file output. If I re-run the process for a 3rd time the zip file will contain now 3 Excel output files (the previous 2 and now the current) and so on…

How do I stop Toad from doing this? On a daily schedule I want toad to zip the most current run and have it e-mail to my peers. What I get is an archive collection of my daily runs in a zip file each time automation kicks in.

Add a delete zip file before the connect. This gets rid of the old file.

Also, check what your option is on the zip activity. Is it set to overwrite?