Toad - error message while processing automated job


could you please let me know what this error message means. The extract actually happened - to network drive. but no email sent.



hello tennis_champion,

Could you please do/clarify the following:

  1. Does this happen in 100% cases?
  2. From the “File_1” naming convention i understood that your script uses the “Select to file” activity - please confirm this.
  3. What is the output file format? xlsx? xlsb? xlsm? xls?
  4. You mentioned “but no email sent” - from this i assume after the Select to file activity you have “Send email” activity which did not execute due to error from the Select to file activity - please confirm this
  5. In the “Settings” activity select “Verbose” log level and re-run the script
  6. After this error occurs again write down the date and time when it occurred and attach your execution log along with the “ExceptionTrace.log” file (menu > Help > About > Application Data Directory link)
  7. It would of course help if you attach the automation script itself as well to prevent confusion.
  8. Have you tried the latest TDP version? Please note that v3.7 is from end of July 2015. The latest avaialble is v4.1
    Personally i suspect the output file format.



I searched our records and found this error occurred in TDP 3.5, 3.6 and 3.7. We entered QAT-4052 and made several fixes in TDP 3.8.1 for this. The Zip error is caused by an excel file (such as xlsm) being corrupted. We added code to handle the firing of macros etc is a better manner. In TDP 4.0 we changed the component that we used to export to these files. You can try making sure whatever excel template you are using is not corrupted. But for correction of what corrupted it you will need to upgrade to our latest release.

P.S. We are releasing TDP 4.1 on Dec 8 so you might want to wait for that release

Thank you Debbie for your prompt reply. How can I access the new release in 2 days? Please let me know,

happy holiday season!

When we post the new release your current Toad Data Point will pop up a message and tell you and offer to download[I]