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I have set up some queries to run and export exceptions list periodically (monthly, weekly, daily, etc.) I have set up the exports to do exactly as I want except for the naming convention. Is there a way to name each file with some text and then the date that the report was run? Thanks for your assistance!


You can use our automation feature (Tools | Automation) to set up an automation script that uses an export wizard that saves the results of a query (or exports a table) to an output file.

That file can be many formats including excel and can have the date/time included as part of the file name.


You can run these automation scripts manually or schedule then to be executed via the windows scheduler whenever you wish.


Thank you so much… I feel like an idiot for not seeing that button!



I run updates and various schemas and want to see the results of each statement. Is there any simple way to save the results in a file?


I have a lot of videos for automation that I have made for Toad Data Point. These will apply to Toad for DB2.…/TDPVideo.html

Have a look. I think these will bring you up to speed very quickly.


Hi Debbie,
I watched some of them and they are indeed eye-openers.
Thank alot,
Shimon J.