How to schedule a query to export to excel hourly?

Hi all. I've been trying to use old threads to accomplish this, but I've been unsuccessful and was hoping someone could check my work. I'm using Toad for Oracle Base (64-bit) v.

What I want to achieve:
I want to run a query every hour to an excel file. Ideally this would be an online file on sharepoint so collaborators could see the updates. Ideally, it would write to anew sheet within the excel file so we could track the changes over time.

What I've tried so far:

  1. I open the Automation Designer and create a new app.
  2. I add a new action 'Export Dataset' and double click into it to configure.
  3. I set the format as Excel File, select the output destination on my hard drive, and leave all other fields in the Options tab as default.
  4. In the dataset tab, I paste in my query which I've confirmed works.
  5. I click apply, nothing happens. So I click Run instead and the Run Status shows 'completed'.
  6. I right click the action and select 'Schedule..'
  7. I name the task and click Next, I leave the default Start a Program > Toad action selected and click Next again.
  8. In the conditions, I set Begin the Task to: 'At task creation/ modification'.
  9. Under Advanced Settings, I check the box 'Repeat task every..' and set the options to '1 hour for a duration of 1 indefinitely' and click okay.
  10. Then I leave the setting as 'Run only wen user is logged on' enabled and click Next and enter my credentials. Then I click Finish.

What I expect:
The task runs every hour and overwrites the excel file with new info.

What happens:
The task runs once and then never again.
I stay logged in and yet, nothing happens the following hour.

What am I doing wrong? Can anyone help?

I think you want to use the "On a schedule" value for Begin instead of "At task creation/modification."

Okay so if I do 'On a Schedule' and then set it to One Time and then the same settings in the Repeat Task section, it still only runs once.
If I select Daily > Recurs every 1 days, the same thing happens.

Thanks for your reply, any further advice?

I've created an action to make a new file and write the current date and time. I scheduled it to run every 1 minute using these settings. It is running every 1 minute as I expect. When I inspect the file contents they are updated each minute with the current time.

You can view the task in Windows Task Scheduler to confirm the settings are as you expect and what the run history (or lack thereof) looks like.