I would like to have an automatism that takes a pre-defined object search (which is already possible) and use it for the export DDL mask. I loose a lot of time in doing that task by - going to export ddl - load my predefined values - open the object search - load my predefined values - carry out search - mark all items - click ok - then performing the export of the ddl.
By the way, I wanted to post this on the IdeaPond. Well after writing the text it notified me that posting is not possible. Would be user-friendly to warn the user before he starts writing his ideas.
Thanks for considering my feedback.

Currently this isn’t possible. Although a lot of the functionality is the same, the formats aren’t compatible.

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Is there a way to run in Toad for Oracle an automation script created in Toad for Data Analysts or Toad Data Point ? I am quite certain this can’t be done but I have to ask before moving to
a different option.

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