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Documents I've written about Toad and Oracle


I've got a collection of documents about Toad and Oracle that I've written over the years. I thought they might be helpful to someone else, so I've put them in a folder on dropbox.

List of documents so far:

  • Analyze Objects (updated Toad 13.2 window)
  • ASH Browser
  • ASM Manager Space History
  • Automation Designer - Choose which script to run based on a variable
  • Automation Designer - Export multiple tables from a list
  • Automation Designer - Passing multiple parameters to a script
  • Automation Designer - Passing variables to export dataset
  • DBMS_Auto_Index
  • Data Dictionary views used by Toad 12.7
  • Export Data to Excel with Page Breaks
  • How to build a Windows VM with Oracle 12 ASM
  • How to Extend a Disk Group
  • How to create a 18c or 19c shard database on Linux VMs
  • How to create an Oracle 12.2 Dataguard environment
  • How to build a RAC instance with Windows VMs
  • How to create a schema Script from command prompt
  • Making a chart in Fast Report (Toad's Report Manager)
  • New Multi Schema Compare
  • Pivot Grids
  • Updated Flat File Export
  • What to do about long delay after ORA-01017 invalid user or password



Hi John,
Thanks alot for sharing your hard work. I imported the directory into my dropbox.
As I use Toad for DB2 and I am not responsible for the physical aspect of managing the DB, many of the articles were not relevant to me.
I was very interested in Automation articles. I did not delve into them very deeply, but I suspect that here too, Toad for DB2 does not support all the functions that you refer too.
Right now we have a bug that requires me to update / replace a compilcated string (a list of IDs that are in some JSON/XML form) which is stored as a CLOB. In some cases, I have to do this 100 times with different IDs.
I probably could use the loop using select data function, but it would be much easier if I could loop through a list of IDs in a file.
This is not the first time that I am looking for such functionality in Toad, so I will definitely look into your suggestions.
Thank alot ( again),
Shimon J.

Thanks Shimon.

Toad for DB2 is a totally separate product written by different developers. What I wrote only applies to Toad for Oracle. I have no idea how much of that works in Toad for DB2.