Back installation default mode Toad version 10

I need to return by default the factory configuration in version version 10 toad, can it?

Main Menu -> Utilities -> Copy User Settings -> Reset to a clean set of user files.


Toad will restart.

thanks for answering.
In the option that you indicated to me, I do not have it, where can it be?
I attached the imageSin%20t%C3%ADtulo

Oh, sorry. I guess that feature didn't come until a later version.

  1. Go to Options -> General.
  2. Make note of the folder in the "Application data directory" box.
  3. Close Toad.
  4. Find the folder from 2) in explorer and rename it.
  5. find C:\Program Files\Quest Software\Toad for Oracle 10\ClientFiles and COPY (not move) it to the location in 2). Note you will need to name it "10.0" or similar after you copy it to match the path from 2).

thank you, it worked perfect, the last indication.