Apps are disappearing in Toad 15.1 - Help!

We've had twice in the last few months where the new version of Toad is spontaneously removing the apps. It is almost as if it does a brand new download of the software because they are all gone - the folder structures and everything. Has anyone had this happen? Luckily we have made backups of the apps and can re-import but it is quite a headache and a day long process of re-importing and re-running everything. Any ideas of what to check??

The only way I know of that happens is if you intentionally reset the settings by:

Main Menu -> Utilities -> Copy User Settings
Check "Reset to a clean set of user files"

You can also use that window to export/import settings.

I haven't heard of this just spontaneously happening. Maybe something happened to the user files folder (typically located in C:\Users\YOUR_WINDOWS_USER_NAME\AppData\Roaming\Quest Software\Toad for Oracle\TOAD_VERSION\User Files. Another possibility is that folder is just fine, but if you go up to the "Toad for Oracle" folder, 2 folders up, maybe something happened to the SettingsLocation.ini file. That is the file that tells Toad where its settings are. If Toad can't find settings info there, it will copy from a prior install, or start fresh.

The User Files folder is there and has contents from months back as well as current day. I did review the ToadActions.log but not seeing anything too glaring. The SettingsLocations.ini also has the correct path for these settings. Based on our schedules, it looks like this occurred around 4AM when no one was working but system processes may be the culprit. I will pass this information along to a coworker as well to review. Thank you!

Could it be due to a possible auto-refresh of the workstation by an IT process? (Or partial refresh of certain portions of the workstation.) I've heard of similar issues happening with other customers. Good that you're checking with a co-worker, and I would check with IT also.