Bad pkg/proc parameter copy/paste behavior

I've actually noticed this issue as far back as probably 13, but have never bothered to submit a post about it. I figured since I'm on a roll today, I might as well see if it can be fixed in 24.2.

Whenever I am writing a procedure or package and I include a call to a standalone proc or proc within a package, this is what happens:

  • Type out the proc name, followed by an open parenthesis.
  • This fills-in the list of input parameters for the proc with the first parameter "selected".
  • If I then copy some other text (ctrl-C), the previously selected first parameter disappears.
  • If I try to paste the copied text anywhere, the pasted text is either the prior copied text (not latest copied text), or nothing, if nothing was copied previously.
  • You can recover from this by doing a ctrl-Z, which makes the first parameter reappear. Then you can re-copy the text you wanted and the subsequent paste will be successful, and the first parameter doesn't disappear.

Hopefully you can recreate this, John and figure it out! I has bugged me for a long time!


I see this. I believe the defect here is that clicking elsewhere does not remove the blocks around the parameters. When you click outside of the inline parameter assistance the assistance should cancel, leaving all text that you see in place. You should be able to click outside and copy text and then paste, but will no longer be able to use the Tab key to move through the parameters as you can when the inline assistant is active. I will log this.