Best Practices for Reporting

I have a need to produce a report on a very regular basis that contains ALL entities and attributes from MULTIPLE databases. The data structure is complex and has security requirements that make it have to be multiple databases. But because of the way data analysis is done, the report needs to have all databases. Is there a way to do other than creating a model and copying and pasting entities from one model to the “overall” model? Unfortunately we do not use TDM to create the entities. We reverse engineer them all and we cannot RE them one at a time, we need to do multiple.
Any help/ opinions would be greatly appreciated.


you have several possibilities.

  1. Reverse engineer one database and then use Live RE (Live Reverse Engineering). This feature allows you to connect to another database and then you can use Drag and Drop to add objects from your database to existing model. If you wish to work with entities and attributes only then it should be good option.

  2. Reverse engineer all databases one by one and then use Sync&Convert wizard to merge models together.



When using the Sync & Convert Wizard OR the Simple Model Merge options, they seem to overwrit the destination model with the source. It removes the previously merged model. It even renames the destination model with the source models name. Is there an option to merge leaving existing model intact that I am missing?


I suggest to use the Sync & Convert Wizard where you can modify what you want to merge (page Select Items in the Wizard) and where you can select that you want to merge the models to a new model - select the Merge to New Model checkbox on page Review (BTW on this page you can also rename the destination model).

In any case, please watch the movie and read the PDF doc on model merge at: