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Best SVN solution for TOAD


What are the best SVN solutions for TOAD, I haven’t used SVN before as I normally use GIT, but think in our situation SVN might be better. I’ve just downloaded Tortoise but read a thread a while back that it doesn’t properly work with TOAD. That might be resolved now but not sure?



we made good experiences with CollabNet Subversion. They have a full installer Suite for the Server (Apache + svn) with webfrontend for Administration. And it is possible to get a pack of commend shell binaries that work with Toad. Tortoise is nice to manage your files separately with TortoiseExtension for Windows Explorer.

Best regards

Dennis Reddin

Hey Jonny,

Toad for Oracle utilizes the SVN command-line client in order to interface with the server. Unfortunately, early versions of Tortoise didn’t include the command-line client with its installer, which is why you saw those posts. Newer versions of Tortoise do include it; however, you may have to make sure to select that option during the install process – I don’t think it’s selected to be installed by default.

As Dennis mentioned, CollabNet installs the command-line client by default. It’s also a “certified” client. As a result, it’s always a safe version to use with Toad.

Either one should work with Team Coding. The only thing you will need to make sure is that if you don’t have the svn executable in your path, you’ll need to explicitly set it in the Subversion options dialog.


Ok thanks, in terms of free SVNs would you have a recommendation?

Hey Jonny,

Both options are free versions of Subversion. If you’re not familiar with the Subversion command-line, or if you want an easy way to have it integrated with Windows Explorer, I’d say use Tortoise – just make sure to install the command-line tools during the installation process. If you’re comfortable with the Subversion command-line commands, and have no need to have it integrate with Windows Explorer, you can choose CollabNet’s. It’s all a matter of personal preference depending on how you like to work.


Ok thanks,

Our Oracle DB is on a different server, so I’m not sure how much Tortoise in the Explorer would be, so it would seem to me that CollabNet would be a better option? I am fine with the CLI

Hey Jonny,

Tortoise and CollabNet don’t really have anything to do with Oracle, so that really shouldn’t be an issue. Tortoise and CollabNet write clients that talk specifically to a Subversion server. They’re only for the version control side of things.The only difference is that CollabNet is command-line only, while Tortoise includes the command-line, but also integrates inside Windows Explorer. However, they are both for communicating with Subversion only.

Toad for Oracle will act as a bridge between Oracle and the Subversion client to manage change control for objects on the Oracle database.


Do not forget that you at least need one SVN server. Only Tortoise or CollabNet Client will not be enough. (Ok you can create a local file based repository. But that is not that what you want to use :slight_smile: ). For server take the CollabNet Subversion Edge. For your developer PC take CollabNet binaries or tortoise with Binaries. Tortoise has the advantage that you have some gui tools and explorer integration to manage your files in repository or your working copies (e.g. CleanUp, RepoBrowser, unlock…). Sometimes Toad cannot release a lock (in case your working copy had to be renewed).In TeamCoding the source is marked as checked-in but in SVN it is still locked. The source was not updated in SVN. In that situation you are very happy to have Tortoise to release the lock manually and commit the actual source with it.

We use both. Tortoise for managing Files directly and CollabNet binaries for Toad.

Best regards