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Toad 11 and SVN


Clients: Windows XP
Database: Oracle 10.0.2 on Unix

We need help.

We are trying to use team coding in our environment, but we have several problems…

We have sucessfully upgraded server side objects to 7.0 to a diferent schema rather then TOAD.

Now i would like to use a network folder, shared with samba, were i’m going to put all the code, packages…

The question is: Shoul we install Tortoise?

And we haven’t installed anything else…

Can you help us, please.


Hello Nelson,

Toad has a Tortoise and Subversion SVN interface. I would recommend using the
latter with Toad. The Subversion SVN is better supported by within Toad. If you
like , you can still install Tortoise as your preferred browsing environment
outside of Toad.


thanks for the reply

but when i try to add code collections it says that i have to log in but the username and passwords fields are disabled???

what am i doing wrong?


Hi all,

Have read the documentation and i’m lost…

If i install TortoiseSVN- do i need to install the command line tools?