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Toad 11.5 + SVN problems

Good morning/ afternoon/ evening!

The software: Oracle 11.2 XE, Toad for Oracle 11.5, SvnServer 1.4.6, TortoiseSVN 1.7.9

I’ve installed Toad Team Coding as in SOL70880_How to Setup Toad Team Coding with Subversion - Toad 11_0

In the Team Coding Configuration window I choose Subversion(SVN) as VCS. Then I configure it. In the tab Client which executable I should choose. The default is svn.exe, but there’s no svn.exe at my system.
To solve this I take the svn.exe from the Subversion Server/bin folder.

Then I configure svn:// connection. I specify the IP address of the server and the defaul port.

Then I have to create Code Collections. But when I Add new collection the VCS Project List shows only the top folders of my repository.
I would like to use the branches - tags -trunk structure in every project. And beneath trunk folder I would like to separate objects by types (procedures, functions).
I was intended to create a Code Collection for each object type, but I can’t ,because Project List shows only top folders.

So my two questions are: Which svn client i should use with Toad 11.5 and
can someone point me some usage cases of Team coding

P.S.: I’m getting this error when exporting data to VCS:

Unable to add revision from VCS repository. Subcommand ‘add’ doesn’t accept option ‘–username arg’
Type ‘svn help add’ for usage.

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