Beta Posted (17.1.352)

Beta Release 17.1.352.2151 is now available.


Change Log

Will there be a Mac version of the beta?

We decided not to initially, but could maybe be persuaded if there is enough demand. It might be less frequent. I am not speaking for the Toad team here - just my own thoughts. It would be subject to the same requirement of having a GA of the prior version installed. So it wouldn't work with a trial, which is what I assume you are running at the moment.

You're right, I currently have a trial version installed. I'm trying to find out whether the Mac version is an alternative to the Windows version in a VM.
At the moment I don't think it is, but I would like to help it become one :wink:

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Some beta time with this thing would have been a big benefit. I guess instead we are beta-ing by trial. :smiley: I think (and again, I am not speaking on behalf of the team here) we will release an small update soonish to fix whatever issues we can. So we appreciate the feedback.