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Toad has a couple of integration points to ToadWorld. On the Help menu 3 new items exist. Ask Question, Start Discussion, and Browse Forums. You may need to restore your main Toad toolbar defaults to see the new menu items under the Help menu. Alternatively you can right-click and customize the main Toad menu, navigate to the Commands tab, and drag the Ask Question, Start Discussion, and Browse Forums menu items to the help menu.

Both Ask Question and Start Discussion will create a new forum thread. Ask Question toggles a Question and Answer flag that allows responses to be suggested as answeres and marked as answers. Answers percolate to the top of the thread to make it easier for users to find answers to questions.

When you’re logged in Toad polls via background thread periodically looking for questions that are still unanswered. When found an image will appear on the statusbar indicating how many of those questions are unread by you. You can click on the image and see a popup displaying the open questions. There is also a context menu there containing the 3 menu items mirrored on the Help menu.

A ToadWorld account is required. You’ll be prompted to login/register when invoking these actions.

Code Analysis:

  • Fix: Rule 2115 ( Force uppercase reserved words ) : It still flagged to many keywords.
  • Fix: Rule 2131 ( Use CONSTANT keyword wherever possible ) : Will now work correctly.
  • Fix: Rule 2612 ( If you have an expression an alias should be used ) : Example fixed.
  • New: Rule 3807 ( Avoid using a RETURN statement in a procedure ) : Complements Rule 3803 ( Avoid using more than one RETURN statement in a function’s executable section ).
  • Fix: Rule 5903 ( SQL statements should use bind variables instead of hard coded text literals, dates and/or numeric values ) : Will now work correctly.

Source Control:

The following Options are now set to ‘On’ by default. The previous default in options was ‘Off’.

Source Control

  • Prompt for Check in Comment.

  • Prompt for Add File Comment.

Team Coding

  • Prompt for Check Out Comment.

  • Prompt for Check in Comment.

  • Prompt for Check in All on Exit.

Team Coding:

Check in all Objects using SCC Providers

When Team Coding is checking in multiple objects they are now checked in as a single revision for Team Foundation Server and SCC Providers (MSCCI Team Foundation Server, Visual Sourcesafe SCC etc.). Other provides will be added in upcoming beta builds where available.

Code Collections ‘Create New Revision’ also performs a single check in revision. This eliminates the multiple dialog display for SCC Providers. SCC providers should now show a single check in dialog with a list of the files/objects to be checked in.

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