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Beta Notes
Connection Iterator
I wrote a blog about how it works here:…/performing-actions-in-multiple-databases-with-toad

Export Dataset and CTRL+C on grids
New option in delimited text format: Export as “IN” list for SQL.

Only available when Export Dataset is launched from a grid, and multiple values from a single column are selected.

When this option is selected, other related options (such as quoting around string and number values, and delimiter=comma, and include delimiter after last value) are set automatically.

The option is NOT remembered from one action to the next since it depends on selection in the grid.

Formatter hang
The formatter (Oracle) hung due to left over SVN conflict markers.

Formatting more statements
The following statements will now also be formatted: ANALYZE TABLE (most), ALTER USER (most), ALTER TABLESPACE (all), PURGE (all).

Formatting text between errors
The formatter will format text in between points of syntax error. After a syntax error it tries to resync asap and continue formatting.

help->check for updates says I’m on the latest update, which is .3

Sorry - my fault. Please try now.

John, regarding Connection Iterators - I have an app with the following:

Connection Iterator

List Iterator


If actionable query

then execute script

I want to execute the script based on certain combination of the database and the list item.

It seems that the Connection iterator is iterating only at the Execute Script level, rendering my Actionable query useless for what I had intended.

Is this a restriction or is there some way to execute a script based on criteria from Connection and List iterators?

So…assuming connections A and B, and list items 1 and 2, I’d think it should do this…

  • actionable query on list item 1 connection A, then script on the same (assuming query passes)
  • actionable query on list item 2 connection A, then script on the same (assuming query passes)
  • actionable query on list item 1 connection B, then script on the same (assuming query passes)
  • actionable query on list item 2 connection B, then script on the same (assuming query passes)
    I’ll take a look at that and let you know…

give it a try next beta. It should be fixed.

The connection iterator with the list iterator & execute script seems to be working fine now - thanks.

I have another minor issue:

I have a Variable Prompt action. If I set Scope to Local (current run), the value received by subsequent actions is the value I set during the current Variable Prompt action. If I change the Scope to Global, the value used by subsequent actions appears to be the value I had set it to in the previous run. It seems that for Global, the variable is not be set to the new value I enter until the end of my app, after all other actions have been processed. Is that the intended behavior?

No, I don’t think it was meant to work this way.

What’s happening is that at the beginning of your run, we create a local copy of all variables. If you have your “set variable” action on 'global", then it’s only changing the global variable and not the local variable that we already made copy of.

So I think we need to always set local, and only set global if scope=global. Fixed for next beta.