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Beta Notes

Team Coding/Source Control

Adding unit tests to VCS is now supported in Team Coding. This applies to unit tests created within TOAD from the PL/SQL results window. To enable this feature:

  1. Open the TC Configuration window
  2. Add the schema for the user which will create unit tests to a new or existing team project and select the “Unit Test” object type.

Note: Unit tests are tied to the user who creates the test, not to the database object on which the test is run.

Compare Files

Added a “Format source before comparing” option to the “Compare Files” window. Checking this option will automatically format both files before performing the comparison.

Build Plan

  • Formatter: The alignment within the first statement (“chunk”) of SQL text was offset by one position at times, as shown in the following example:

    TO ROLE “RL1”;
    In a few other cases tokens were not correctly positioned.

  • Formatter: CREATE/ALTER TABLE/SEQUENCE: Moving some left hand side commas at the right hand side.

  • Code Analysis: Possible access violation in component QP5CA.dll on invalid Oracle $IF/$ELSE/$ENDIF syntax.

  • Code Analysis: After the work on rule 6406 (“Avoid multiple definitions of the same element in nested scopes.”) the Rule Universe was wrongly left unchanged causing the old legacy logic still to be used.

  • Code Analysis: Rule 5809 (“Ensure elements in the SELECT list (either columns or expressions) are qualified by a table/view name.”) now only hits when more than one table reference, unless we have queries in the WHERE clause.

  • Code Analysis: Rule 3807 (“Avoid using a RETURN statement in a procedure.”) has been removed as it duplicates Rule 5601 (“Avoid using RETURN statements in a PROCEDURE.”).