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Beta Notes
Team Coding
Administration Window

  • The Administration and Configuration windows have been combined into a single Configuration window to manage both local and server settings

  • Settings can be changed as desired but won’t actually be saved to the server until the Apply or OK buttons are pressed

  • An option has been added to allow basic customization of the VCS folder structure

  • Multiple schemas can now be selected in the “Select Schema” dialog

  • The “All Schemas” option should now work correctly

  • The “Object Filter” dialog has been redesigned and now supports multiple “Include” and “Exclude” filters per object type

  • Migration of Team Coding 7 (Toad 12.6 and earlier) settings should perform much faster

  • Synchronization functions should perform much faster
    Team Coding Object Summary Window

  • Transaction history has been added to the Object Summary window to give detailed information for each controlled object within Team Coding

  • The Team Coding menu has been pulled out of the Utilities menu and now resides in the main menu bar by default. Some captions and ordering have changed. You may need to do a reset of your toolbars to see these changes

  • Team Coding, as a whole, has been optimized and should perform much faster
    Known Issues

  • The Team Coding Status window is not currently working. That’s currently being worked on.
    Please note: Team Coding has undergone a fairly significant rewrite of its underlying code to add these (and soon other) additional features as well as improve overall performance and stability. While this new version of Team Coding can read existing projects and settings created in Toad 12.8 and earlier, projects created and/or modified in Toad 12.9 to use these new features will not be read by Toad 12.8 and earlier’s version of Team Coding.