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Beta Notes

Formatting/Parsing (QP5)

  • GRANT/REVOKE: Added missing 12cR2 privileges (many more than described in the Jira issue).
  • Queries: Support for a sequence of multiple PIVOT/UNPIVOT clauses in a table reference.
  • SqlPlus: Removing unwanted space in @- and @@-commands.
  • Code Analysis Rule 2106 (“Avoid unnecessary references to schema names.”) This rule has been removed because it is too context dependent.
  • Code Analysis Rule 2120 (“Avoid SELECT statements with more than two UNION operations.”) Now has a “variable” for the maximum number of subqueries.
  • Code Analysis Rule 2752 (“Use named parameter notation”) Will now exclude all Oracle built-in functions.
  • Code Analysis Rule 2832 (“Avoid hard-coded constraints on VARCHAR2 variables by anchoring the declaration to a variable or column with %TYPE, or by defining a SUBTYPE and then declaring the variable based on that subtype.”) Will no longer raise inside XMLTABLE function.

Team Coding/Source Control

Multiple locks can now be broken by a Team Coding Administrator in a batch, rather than one at a time.