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Beta Notes

Formatting/Parsing (QP5)

Code Analysis

New (QP 2280) : Rule 6705 (“An IF having ELSIF clauses should have an ELSE clause.”)

New (QP 2364) : Rule 6726 (“Consider replacing ‘(NOT) IN subquery’ by ‘(NOT) EXISTS subquery’.”)

New (QP 2365) : Rule 6727 (“NVL in a WHERE clause may disable the use of an index.”)

New (QP 2277) : Rule 6724 (“Check on PL/SQL block and loop label matching.”)

New (QP 2313) : Rule 6715 (“COMPRESS or NOCOMPRESS specified more than once.”)

Fix (QP 2304) : Rule 4806 (“Avoid use of unreferenced FOR loop indexes.”) RULE REMOVED.

Rule 2746 (“A CASE statement should have an ELSE clause”) : Topic text added.

Rule 2757 (“A CASE expression should have an ELSE clause to avoid it returning NULL”) : Topic text amended.

Rule 5920 (“Apply the invoker rights method to all stored code that executes dynamic SQL”) : Example code added.