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Auto Optimize SQL:

Options added to apply various refactoring features to the SQL prior to optimization. The refactoring features include…

  1. Correct WHERE clause indentation level
  2. Convert DECODE function to CASE statement
  3. Remove subqueries

Editor - Code Insight:

Option added to exclude public synonyms having a name starting with a forward slash. The option is a child checkbox of the Public Synonyms option on the Options|Editor|Code Assist options page in the Toad Insight Objects box.

Jump Search:

Added a new “Support Portal” category and renamed “Knowledge Base” to “Knowledge Articles”. Toad’s Help Documentation now has its own category.

TOAD Licensing:

Starting with this beta, license keys compatible with Toad 9.7 and earlier are no longer supported. These keys will need to be upgraded to keys compatible with Toad 12.5 and later. If you’re presented with the licensing window in the current beta, you will need to upgrade your key using the following procedure:

  1. Locate your license number. This number can be found in the licensing window of your Toad 12.1 installation. If not explicitly listed, it may be included as part of the Site Message associated with your key (Example: ACCOUNTNAME-nnn-nnn-nnn).

  2. Go to the License Upgrade page ( Enter your e-mail address and your existing license number, and follow the prompts on the screen.

If you have trouble finding your license number, or have difficulty obtaining an upgraded key, please contact the License Administration team ( for assistance.