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Beta Notes
Editor Option
The default for Copy Text in Rich Text Format is now disabled. For normal development the option is useless and can have a negative impact on performance. If you used the option to copy styled text for pasting into other applications then you’ll need to re-enable it.

Team Coding
Script Handling:

Team Coding will now attempt to automatically resolve local folders to their corresponding VCS Project folders when adding or checking in scripts inside Team Coding. As a result, you no longer need to manually click the Select Project button before performing your Add or Check-in action. Simply save your script to a sub-folder of one of your Team Projects and Team Coding will upload that script to its corresponding folder within your VCS provider. If a folder cannot be automatically resolved, you will then be prompted to select a VCS Project folder for the script, and the VCS action will continue.

Note: The above only applies to working within a Team Coding environment. There is no automatic resolution of local folders for file-based source control.

The Editor Option default change is in place for the next build ( It did not make