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Beta Notes
Team Coding
Added support for Microsoft Visual Studio Team Services Online. To use Visual Studio Team Services, you will need to create an account with Microsoft. To find more information on creating an account, visit Microsoft’s website at:…/visual-studio-team-services-vs.aspx

To enable, select the “Microsoft Visual Studio Team Services” option from the “VCS Provider” drop-down box in Team Coding’s configuration window. Within the options dialog for this provider, you can specify your Visual Studio account name and whether or not you wish to automatically log in to your default repository.

Once the account name is specified, the VS Team Services repository will appear in the Visual Studio login window. Simply enter your username and password, and select a local working folder for your VCS files.

Work item tracking is also supported and will appear when adding or checking in files.

Note: Toad uses basic authentication through SSL when communicating with Visual Studio Team Services. As a result, you will need to enable basic authentication for your user account within Visual Studio’s website. To enable basic authentication, follow the steps outlined in the following:…/overview

Once those steps are complete, you can use the username and password you specified to log in through Toad.