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Beta Notes

Formatting/Parsing (QP5)

Code Analysis

New Rule 6704 ("This is an endless loop.")

New or updated sample code for the following rules:
Rule 2008 ("Calls to UTL_FILE.CLOSE_ALL should only occur in exception code.")
Rule 2118 ("Avoid DDLs other than Truncate, Exchange/Split partition.")
Rule 2510 ("Do not use a cursor for loop to check whether a cursor returns data")
Rule 3018 ("A PIPE ROW statement with an OTHERS exception handler requires an exception handler for NO_DATA_NEEDED.")
Rule 4001 ("Avoid using GOTO out of a loop.")
Rule 6417 ("Avoid natural joins.")
Rule 6702 ("No RETURN statement found in function.")
Rule 6741 ("Variable assigned twice successively (A := B; A := C.")
Rule 6808 ("Avoid evaluating an expression in an EXECUTE IMMEDIATE statement.")