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Beta Notes

Compare Databases Create/Alter DB Objects Export DDL Schema Browser

Create/alter user now supports HTTP DIGEST ENABLE/DISABLE (12cR2 and newer)

Create/Alter role now supports IDENTIFIED USING (11gR2 and newer)

Create/Alter role now supports the GLOBALLY AS clause (18c)

All of the above also added to Export DDL, Schema Browser RHS, and Compare Databases.

The GUI in create/alter user/role has been cleaned up a bit.

Compare Schemas Create/Alter DB Objects

18c - Modifying Table Partition Strategy

Partitioned tables can now be altered to a different partitioning strategy.� For example, a Hash partitioned table can be changed to List partitioned.� The only limitation is that you can’t change from partitioned to non-partitioned.� �In Toad, this is supported in the Alter Table and Schema Compare�windows.


Good Afternoon TOAD Beta Team,

TOAD pretends to update, but restarts as the same old



I had the same problem as Larry. I downloaded from the website and got the .10 beta.


Just to confirm, are you downloading directly from this page?

Everything appears to be in order, so if you are downloading from that page, then it’s most likely a caching issue with Toad World.


woops missed this: “I downloaded from the website and got the .10 beta.” Was it when you were doing the ‘Check for Updates’ in Toad that you got the old version? I downloaded from the website and it worked for me as well.


Yes, it was the Toad “check for updates” that had the issue.


Good Morning Dennis and TOAD team,

Thank you! The TOAD update link in the application worked going from to You should have taken credit in the list of delivered improvements.


Hi Lawrence,

I’m glad it’s working for you now, but it hasn’t been fixed to my knowledge. This is actually a Toad World issue (not specific to Toad). Unfortunately, it may work this time, but maybe not next, or it may work for some, but not others :-(. The only thing I can recommend is that if the update doesn’t work, then to use the downloads on the Beta Overview page. Apologies for the inconvenience, but I will update once I hear a permanent fix as been put in place.