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Beta Notes


You can now select a pair of cells in the grid and choose “Compare Selected Values” to send them to the side-by-side viewer. Any datatype is supported, but obviously this is most useful for large varchar2’s and CLOBs. Grid selection style has not changed, so the cells must be side-by-side or above/below each other, but you can drag columns around and/or adjust your sql to make that happen.

Formatting/Parsing (QP5)


Fix (QP 2986) : Added support for analytic functions with a qualified schema names.


Fix (QP 1530 + QP 2562) : After a CASE expression the alias wraps onto the next line (CSR#: 3310865-1)

Code Analysis

Fix (QP 2987): Spurious AV in QP5CA.dll at 00000000240D32F8, reading FFFFFFFF817E92A8.

New (QP 2468): Rule 6741 (“Variable assigned twice successively such as A := B; A := C;”): This rule should help catching typos. The following cases will NOT cause a hit:

  • Double assignments to a same variable with at least one other statement in between,
  • The second assignment has the left hand side variable somewhere in its right hand side.
    Fix (QP 3017): Rule 2141 (“Make sure the given Schema Prefix name exists for all objects.”) : Will no longer work on schema names. Only object names are considered. In addition, the hardcoded size of the prefix has been omitted allowing proper operation of the PREFIX parameter with various prefix sizes.

Good Afternoon Dennis,

TOAD has the same update issue reported before; TOAD cannot update itself download and install is required to update., which works fine

Yes, it’s a known issue and is logged with the Toad World group. Not sure when it will be resolved, but we’ll let you know. Until then, please continue to download from the Overview Beta page.